Jul 232014

Poppies in profusion Poppies

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  1. hi,
    I would really appreciate some advice. I have been trying for a few years to have a wildflower garden. I have had great success with the garden in regard to beautiful blooms from cornflower and daisies. I have bought various mixed seed packets, but cannot seem to get the mix i desire.
    On walking through the Botanic Gardens today i was blown away by the wildflower garden in commemoration of the World War, by the Glasshouses.
    This is the mix i have been trying to develop and your display is out of this world.
    Can you give me any tips of how to go about this in my little bit of garden i have set aside, round about 4 square metres.
    Do you plant each plant species seperately or do you use a mix as well.
    If so do you sell them within the gardens, if not could you reccommend a reliable mix.

    Kind regards

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