Garden Wildlife

Sep 122016
August 2016 Garden Wildlife Report

August 2016 was fairly dry, sunny and reasonably warm. The Garden’s wildlife list increased by no fewer than 21 species, from 826 to 847. Birds Like July, bird recording in the Botanics was difficult in August because so many of the smaller species were silent and in hiding after the breeding season. Only thirty species […]

Sep 122016
Garden's first Caddisfly record

During a moth trapping session on the night of 29/30 August, various other creatures were found in the trap besides moths. They included a Common Earwig, two different species of daddy-long-legs or crane-fly, and an adult caddis-fly. The latter was the first time an adult caddis-fly had been recorded in the Garden although it has […]

Aug 302016
Moth records from the Garden

Moth trapping in the Garden is now happening on a regular basis with the input of Edinburgh Natural History Society and MSc student Tom Dawes. Records from 29th/30th August: Ypsolopha dentella (Honeysuckle moth) – 2; Blastobasis adustella – 9+; Large Yellow Underwing – 57; Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing – 1; Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing – 1; […]

Aug 022016
July 2016 Garden Wildlife Report

July 2016 was mostly rather cloudy and damp although very high temperatures were recorded on a couple of days in the third week of the month. Seven additional species were recorded in the Garden, taking the total list up from 819 to 826. This total may increase as several creatures await identification. Birds Bird activity […]

Jul 262016
A most distinctive bee

The wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) is one of the most distinctive solitary bees that lives in the Garden. During July and August the Demonstration Garden and the Rock Garden are good places to look for these lively territorial solitary bees. Your best chance of seeing a wool carder bee will involve first locating the […]

Jul 202016
First grasshopper record for RBGE

On Monday 18 July, which was warm and sunny, I was doing my usual lunchtime wildlife recording walk-round, accompanied by a young work placement student named Caius who was here for the week. We were in the Rock Garden and I was showing Caius the Garden’s speciality the Wool Carder Bee which was busily flying […]

Jul 122016
Wildlife Gardening Question Time

  Photos courtesy of Rob Jones As part of BBC RAdio 4 Gardeners Question Time at the Botanic Garden, Edinburgh Living Landscape (ELL) hosted a similar sideshow on wildlife gardening with a panel from Buglife- Suzie Burgess, City of Edinburgh Council Biodiversity Officer -Susan Falconer, Anthony McCluskey from Butterfly Conservation Scotland and Susan Davies Director […]

Jul 082016
June 2016 Garden Wildlife Report

June 2016 was gloriously warm and sunny. for the first week, but the rest of the month was cooler and changeable with some spells of quite heavy rain and a fair amount of drizzle and mist. The Garden’s wildlife list gained five additions, taking it from 814 to 819. Birds Thirty-seven bird species were recorded […]