Edible Gardening Project

Nov 282016
Elephants foot yam ( Arid house)

  Elephant’s foot yam Family: Dioscoreaceae Description Elephant’s foot yam is a spectacular shrubby climber, which grows up to 1.5m high. It has a huge tuber reaching a diameter of up to 75cm, which is mainly exposed above ground. The epidermis (skin) of the tuber is greyish-brown and hard, with numerous small plates of thick […]

Nov 282016
Scotland the Bread

This year the Edible Gardening team has been taking part in project called ‘Scotland the Bread’. The majority of the bread we eat in Scotland is made from imported wheat (the wheat that is grown in Scotland usually goes to animal feed). ‘Scotland the Bread’ aims to produce better quality home grown wheat for bread […]

Nov 162016
Reflections on my first growing season as Community Gardener with the Edible Gardening Project

Community Gardener Lizzie Oldroyd joined the Edible Gardening team in May, here are a few of her reflections on her first growing season at RBGE; The fingertips are nipping again now, as another winter rolls around.   With all the punnets of soft fruit long since harvested and growing into a fuzzy memory of longer days and […]

Nov 012016
Black nightshade trials

Visitors to the Garden have been asking questions about this year’s Really Wild Veg trial plots that contain various black nightshade species. Jan, who tends the plants, has passed on these interesting bits of feedback on the uses of black nightshades: While I was picking today I was approached by an Edinburgh woman and her grandmother […]

Sep 202016
Community Garden Produce Show at the Harvest Festival

The Edible Gardening Project held it’s 6th annual Harvest Festival on the 17th and 18th September. The event is a celebration of the vegetable growing year with music, garden tasters and family friendly activities, it’s a big hit with the visitors. A regular feature of the festival is the community gardens produce show. We invite […]

May 272016
Cocoa Tree

  Family: Malvaceae Description Cocoa is an evergreen tropical tree, usually 5 to 8m tall. The flowers are small, yellowish white to pale pink and grow directly from the trunk. In the wild, cocoa flowers are pollinated by midges, which, when pollinated, develop into green coca pods that enlarge and ripen through yellow to brown. […]

Feb 022016
Figs in waiting

Ficus carica needs a warm corner to produce a reliable crop of Figs in autumn. As a native to the Middle East as much for winter protection of the embryo fruit which populate the branches on the previous season’s growth. But this shelter and warmth is also essential through the year to ripen the fruit […]