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Nov 172016
Aloe elgonica ( Arid lands of glasshouses)

Aloe Aloe Elgonica Family:Aloaceae Description A succulent clump-forming perennial that has robust rosettes of brownish green leaves. These leaves are armed with teeth and often have a rose-purple blush at their centre. The flowers are orange-red in colour and borne on an upright branched inflorescence. Place of origin This beautiful high altitude Aloe has a […]

Nov 142016
Solandra grandiflora ( Chalice flower) temperate walkway in glasshouses

Chalice Flower Solandra grandiflora  Family:Solanaceae  Description: This perennial liana (climbing vine) grows rapidly, reaching up to 30 metres in its natural setting. It climbs up into forest trees using the strength of the trees’ branch framework as support. The large, creamy-yellow chalice-shaped flowers are highly scented, though short lived. The shape of the flower amplifies […]

May 272016
Cocoa Tree

  Family: Malvaceae Description Cocoa is an evergreen tropical tree, usually 5 to 8m tall. The flowers are small, yellowish white to pale pink and grow directly from the trunk. In the wild, cocoa flowers are pollinated by midges, which, when pollinated, develop into green coca pods that enlarge and ripen through yellow to brown. […]

Mar 202013
New grants now open from Tree Council

Schools or community groups please see new grant details: The Tree Council’s Tree Futures offers help for tree planting through two grants programmes, the ‘Trees for Schools‘ and ‘Community Trees‘ funds. Any school or community group within the UK that is planning a project that actively involves children under 16 is encouraged to draw […]

Mar 182013
School Gardening Project begins again!

RBGE School Gardening Project begins again! We are delighted to be working with classes from Leith Walk Primary School, Flora Stevenson Primary School, Stockbridge Primary School, Broughton High School and Pilrig Park Special Secondary School. The 2013 growing season has got off to a cold and frosty start so we stayed indoors and made newspaper […]