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Feb 212017
Thought for Food: Permanent Global Summertime

    Blog by Cristina Romero Rios, University of Edinburgh student Have you ever asked yourself where the bananas that you eat come from? Have you wondered the same about tomatoes, lemons, peppers, asparagus, or for that matter any of the fresh food you eat? The UK relies on many other countries to supply the […]

Feb 142017
'Dear Mary' - An Echo of a Past Love from the RBGE Special Collections

Among the hortus sicci (bound collections of pressed plant material) in the Rare Book Room of the RBGE Library is a volume containing samples of 34 species of flowering plant, moss and fern collected on a two day ramble in June 1858. The walkers were John Sadler (1837-1882) and an unnamed companion. The book was […]

Feb 122017
Two newly-found moss specimens from Darwin’s Beagle Voyage

Charles Darwin Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 1809 (208 years ago this week), and died on 19 April 1882. Although he studied for a short time in Edinburgh, it was through his close friend and botany professor in Cambridge John Stevens Henslow that he was invited to join Captain Robert FitzRoy as naturalist on HMS Beagle for a round-the-world […]