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Mar 162017
International Women's Day 2017: Jane Gardner

Jane has enjoyed careers in university administration, learning support and one-to-one tutoring.  She started at the RBGE Library as a volunteer book cleaner, and since 2016 has also worked with the special collections.  She is currently listing letters from the 1960s sent to RBGE Regius Keeper, Dr Harold R. Fletcher.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 162017
International Women's Day 2017: Frieda Christie

Frieda is responsible for the care and maintenance of the scanning electron microscope and oversees the use of it and the research grade light microscopes at RBGE.  She has worked with researchers from all over the world, who use microscopy to look in detail at the plant collections at RBGE.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 142017
International Women's Day 2017: Kanae Nishii

Kanae is working on aspects of molecular phylogeny and evolutionary development of the family Gesneriaceae. The family shows highly diverse shoot and flower morphologies and teaches us interesting facts about evolution. Her most interesting work involves isolating novel genetic factors underlying shoot diversity in the Gesneriaceae.   #teamrbge        #BeBoldForChange

Mar 122017
International Women's Day 2017: Hayley Reid

Hayley is 20 years old and has Asperger syndrome. She volunteers in the Glasshouse at RBGE with the group Supporting Positive Paths. It has made a huge difference to Hayley and her family that she has found somewhere she can feel safe and comfortable.  She sets about recording and drawing individual plants and her notebooks have been donated to the […]

Mar 122017
International Women's Day 2017: Flavia Pezzini

Flávia is studying the relationship between species of the genus Ceiba in the Neotropics. Ceiba is one of the most conspicuous elements of the highly threatened Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest, and her research also aims to spotlight this often neglected ecosystem.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 102017
International Women's Day 2017: Elspeth Mackintosh

Elspeth Mackintosh is Senior Horticulturist in the Alpine Department. She is responsible for the running of the area which includes the public display area, an extensive back-up collection and propagation facilities for Rock and Alpine.  Spring finds her taking bulb displays to alpine shows around the country and she also hunts for plants in far-flung […]

Mar 082017
International Women's Day 2017: Dr Catherine Kidner

Catherine is a geneticist studying tropical diversity. She uses next generation sequencing to discover the differences between species and the drivers of evolution in trees and herbs. She is developing ways of using herbarium specimens to examine evolutionary changes over the past 200 years and ‘rescue’ the genomes of extinct species.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 082017
International Women's Day 2017: Introduction

To recognise and celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is showcasing the work of a small selection of our female colleagues and volunteers – both past and present – along with pioneering women that are represented in our collections. The exhibition represents the work of women across RBGE and each story […]