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Mar 302017
Visit by Dr Alexander Demidov & Ms Svetlana Potapova to the RBGE Herbarium March 2017

Dr Alexander Demidov (Director of the Main Botanic Garden) & Ms Svetlana Potapova (Academic Secretary of the Russian Council of Botanic Gardens) visited the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium (E) on Thursday 9th March 2017 for a tour of the herbarium and an insight into the RBGE herbarium digitisation program. Dr Alexander Demidov being shown […]

Mar 302017
Campylopus introflexus, an invasive alien on the glasshouse roof

The moss Campylopus introflexus, native to the southern hemisphere, is now considered an invasive plant in parts of Europe and North America. While it occurs on some natural sites within Edinburgh, notably on Arthur’s Seat, it is also no stranger to man-made habitats. At the Botanics, the species forms large tactile ball-like clumps between the […]

Mar 302017
International Women's Day 2017: Sadie Barber

Sadie works as a Senior Horticulturist in the glasshouse research collections.  She works closely with scientists studying the evolution and genetics of certain plant groups.  Her time at the Garden has included cultivating the famous Amorphophallus titanum, or ‘New Reekie’, which flowered for the first time in Scotland in June 2015. #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 302017
International Women's Day 2017: Dr Tiina Sarkinen

Tiina is originally from Finland and is a Biodiversity Scientist in Edinburgh working on the economically important plant family Solanaceae.  This family includes potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and chilli peppers. She has done much research in the tropical Andes where she has discovered many new species to science.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 292017
Building on building mosses, a return to Schistidium in the built environment

Monday 27th March was the start of a month-long visit to RBGE by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics‘s Dr Wolfgang Hofbauer, funded by the EU Synthesys Access programme. This funding enables researchers from other institutes to get their hands on the natural history collections that they need to see and understand, but it is […]

Mar 282017
International Women's Day 2017: Subhani Ranasinghe

Subhani is originally from Sri Lanka and is currently working on her PhD, studying members of plant family Gesneriaceae from Sri Lanka (African violet family).  She has already found an endemic species new to science.  After completion of her studies in Edinburgh, she will go back to her home country where she will take up […]

Mar 262017
International Women's Day 2017: Kate Hughes

Kate is a Senior Horticulturist who works on a variety of projects focussed on building and sharing horticultural skills within RBGE and overseas. She is sub editor of the horticultural journal Sibbaldia, now in its fifteenth year, which publishes wide ranging articles on all aspects of botanic garden horticulture, many by first-time authors.  She is […]

Mar 262017
International Women's Day 2017: Jacqui Pestell MBE

Jacqui is an artist and Director of Botanical Illustration at RBGE, designing and teaching a wide variety of courses.  She is passionate about spreading the skills to enable people to study and record plants – not only in Scotland, but with a global approach through our Distance Learning programmes.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 242017
International Women's Day 2017: Dr Sangeeta Rajbhandar

Sangeeta is Professor, at Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University, doing her own research, teaching and supervising PhD and MSc students. She has worked as a Darwin Scholar and Darwin Fellow at RBGE on three occasions. With research experience on plant biodiversity and ethnobotanical issues, she is now working on the ferns and fern allies […]

Mar 242017
International Women's Day 2017: Louise Galloway

Louise is a Glasshouse Supervisor with joint responsibility for managing staff and curating the collections.  During her career, she has been part of several plant hunting expeditions to SE Asia and most recently Tanzania to bring back living material to RBGE for scientific research and ultimately public display.   #teamrbge        #BeBoldForChange