Animation: bringing subjects and stories to life

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May 242013

Animation. Etymology: From the Latin animātiō, “the act of bringing to life”

Animation offers us vivid opportunities to see situations and information in new and exciting ways. It can be used to visualise alternate worlds, articulate experiences that cannot be shown in live action and convey ideas in an easily accessible way that could otherwise prove difficult to engage audiences with. Continue reading »

Scotland’s Big Five: Video

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May 182013

This is the promotional video for Scotlands Big 5 Plants.


As part of The Year of Natural Scotland, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is championing biodiversity and has launched the search for Scotland’s favourite native plants and trees. We’re asking you, the public, to vote for your favourite native species to reveal the nation’s most popular plant and tree.

Visit to cast your vote!

Video edited by Pepi Levogianni.

Moving forward from ash dieback

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May 172013

Disease is a normal part of nature. But in recent years there has been a considerable increase in the number of new pests and diseases affecting Scottish trees. It was the recent arrival of a fungus known as Chalara, or ash dieback, that caught the public attention. Over 10 million ash trees in Scotland, and the wildlife that depends on them, are vulnerable to this disease. Listen to our podcasts and watch the beautiful animation to find out how ash dieback will impact Scotland.


Follow Robert the redstart through the wind swept ash woods in this stunning short animation.

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George V and Queen Mary visiting the Botanics in their Silver Jubilee year of 1935

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May 132013

This footage was found on a reel of 16mm cine film amongst our film collection which we thought consisted mainly of footage shot by plant collectors in the Himalayas. There were a few surprises amongst the films, but one was this reel showing George V and Queen Mary with our Regius Keeper at the time, Sir William Wright Smith (1875-1956). Smith was knighted in 1932 and was also King’s Botanist in Scotland, and indeed, later the Queen’s Botanist in Scotland, making him part of the Royal Household.

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