Pistoia is renowned around the world for its ornamental plant nurseries. Very fertile soil and a micro-climate allows these nurseries to produce a very large assortment of plants.

Vannucci Piante has produced Europe’s first ever nursery park.

A outdoor showroom of plants ready to be purchased and exported to one of the 60 nations Vannucci produce plants for. Fitted with a hotel, restaurant, tennis court and football pitch upon entrance to the 10 hectare oasis just off the motorway to Pistoia.  The facility is also used as a teaching tool for both staff and university students. A recreational therapy centre for children from all over the world , and the Meyer Foundation for Research projects.

A selection of the finest plants they have hand picked for display.  Some which are of grand scale, sadly I cannot upload my 170 or so pictures of specimens which have been beautifully cared for. This Phoenix canariensis is one of the nicest and largest I have ever seen.