As Christmas approaches the bank balance will inevitably take a hit. Like many of the other students I am in a tiny flat with my 17 plants (since September as the 40 from last year are home in Glasgow). My window sill is filled to the brim with Tradescantia zebrina, two Lobelia fistulosa (which are currently rather unhappy, any advice would be appreciated) and one of the largest forms of elephant ears you can get Colocasia ‘Thai Giant’ from a new friend at Great Dixter. A Euphorbia stygiana subsp. santamariae which hopes to be freed into the garden back home. My Nepenthes dangles from a lanyard on the curtain rail which prevents me from shutting the curtains fully, standard issues for a plant person.

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My newest invention was a miniature terrarium which involves a sphere glass bowl from a local charity shop costing 2.99. A thin layer of soil planted with Pinguicula purchased from the RBGE shop. Moss is spread around to retain moisture from the misting and make it look a bit more natural.

My ferns (Asplenium sp, Crytomium fortuneii and Phlenbodium aureum) , cactus Optunia sp. and Algae (Aegagropila linnaei aka Marimo ball)  are dotted along the shelf. Along with my new snake fruit palm tree (Salacca zalacca) and my next terrarium project of a small Venus fly trap (Drosera venusta) from South Africa. A half dead Grevillea robusta sadly is not recovering overwatering/ cold water.

I rather stupidly purchased a rather large 4ft tall banana (Musa acuminata ‘Dwarf Cavendish’). The not so dwarf banana has taken up a large portion of the flat but stands proud in the corner.