Known to some staff members as the alpine jewel box at this time of year, this small glasshouse located in front of the Palm House is a tapestry of colour.

Bulb house 1 03.02.14 compressed

Clay pots are sunk into the sand bed, allowing the display to be changed weekly to showcase the best of what is in flower.

One of the more unusual genera flowering now is a member of the Berberidaceae family. Unlike their spiny woody relatives, Gymnospermium are small, delicate deciduous perennials originating from Central Asia. Their nodding heads hold racemes of bright yellow or orange coloured flowers, and their attractively coloured stems create a striking contrast.

Gymnospermium albertii close up 19801820 compressed Gymnospermium smirnovii 20100635 compressed

Gymnospermium albertii on the left and Gymnospermium smirnovii on the right.