The tufa wall was planted up last May, and some of the species are now starting to flower. Primula allionii and Dionysia aretoides are two of the plants putting on a show. Compared to the tiny plants inserted into the drilled holes late last spring, the Dionysia in particular, has put on a lot of new growth.

Dionysia aretoides tufa wall 19952500C compressed

Cushions of Dionysia aretoides on the tufa wall

Behind the wall, in the back up houses of the Alpine yard another Dionysia is creating a stunning display. This example of Dionysia afghanica arrived at the Botanics eleven years ago, as a plant no bigger than your fingernail. Extremely slow growing it has now attained the diameter of a two pound coin. Currently every centimetre of this small domed plant is covered in flowers. This area is not open to the public, but you can see more examples of these plants in the Alpine House.

Dionysia afghanica 20030282A compressed

Flower filled cushion of Dionysia afghanica.

Dionysia's small glasshouse 27.02.14 compressed

View across one bench in the back up glasshouse containing some of the Dionysia collection