On Friday (20th Jan) I sowed some extra broad beans into pots. I sowed them into individual 8cm pots using a mix of John Innes Seed compost, coir and bark in proportion 2:1:1. This mix is my own invention. The idea was to produce a medium which is coarse in structure (hence the addition of bark), free drying and at the same time water retentive. Why coarse? I followed the advice on GardenAdvice stating that small seeds are best sown into fine compost while bigger ones prefer more coarse mix.

These beans will serve as a replacement for any broad bean plants that did not survive the winter or will die in the next few months. They will be kept in polytunnel which me and my classmates share with the Edible Garden Project team.

I wonder if these ‘indoor’ beans will catch up with their ‘outdoor’ siblings?