It looks like my beans were attacked by mice. The Edible Garden Project team noticed that thriving community of mice is living near the polytunnel. Together with my classmates we decided to take measures to protects our veg seeds and seedlings. As the traditional pest control is not feasible we looked into other options and opted for building a large wire mesh cage for protection of pots and trays in polytunnel. After quick planning, measuring and shopping session we gathered most of the necessary materials and left them in the nursery building. A big thank you to Jessie who came up with this idea and organised most of the materials. The cage construction will take place on Wednesday morning (1st Feb).

As to protecting seeds and seedling growing on the plot I will cover my vegetable beds with a fresh long strip of fleece. I found that mice entered my plot at a point where two shorter pieces of fleece were overlapping. Using one uniform strip, pinning it down securely with plenty of hooks and weighting the edges down with bricks should to the job. I am also thinking of using long and heavy wood panels (the remaining bits of my old bed frame) to create a uniform barrier at the edges of the fleece. This should keep mice away.