The season of gales and heavy rain can conspire to unseat climbing plants from their supports.

Schisandra plena 20042043B

Take a pair of secateurs and reduce the overhang growth which can be considerable and weigh heavily especially following rain. As in the attached image of Schisandra plena on a south facing wall.

This weight puts any supporting wires of framework under considerable stress. Add in the forces a blustery day will provide and there is the recipe for collapse. Pruning at this time of year will allow a rejuvenated framework of mature stems to support new growth.

At the same time inspect all supporting material, repair, replace or strengthen as necessary.

RBGE Living Collections Accession Factsheet
Accession Number:20042043
Scientific Name:Schisandra plena A.C.Sm.
Collector:Gaoligong Shan Biotic Survey Expedition - Autumn 2004
Origin:Inner China, Korea and Taiwan:Yunnan:Gongshan:West of brige over Na jing river 5 Km north of Biing Zhong Lao.
Location:/Living Collections/Unplaced
Location:/Living Collections/Inverleith/T24/0160
20042043_10 (11204).jpg
 Location: 28.064889,98.59