For The Year of Natural Scotland, RBGE has launched the search for Scotland’s favourite native plant

So what might the winner be?  The Scots pine?  The Scottish primrose?  The Scottish bluebell?  We’ve nominated a list of popular plants and trees for inspiration but there’s the chance for you to vote for any plant of your choice.  No doubt it will be a contentious issue. Just asking around RBGE, it seems that everyone has differing opinions. Over the next few months we’ll be revealing the favourites from some of RBGE’s scientists and horticulturists, however first off we reveal which plant has been chosen by RBGE’s very first Garden Guide and Programme Convenor of the RCHS, Sally Heron MBE:

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)

This native tree has a wealth of folklore and stories attached to it.  It is hardy, not at all difficult to grow and has pleasant flowers in the summer that attract insects, plus fruit that can be used to make rowan jelly, rich in vitamin C. In autumn, the berries attract birds and the leaves turn a beautiful colour. Once fallen, the leaves break down easily and make good compost. What is not to like about it?

Rowan berries Rowan Sorbus Rowan

Do you agree with Sally? To vote or see the full list of nominated plants, Vote Now Here!