LearnToEngage is an exciting new suite of professional development modules for botanic garden and museum educators in Italy, Portugal and the UK. The Partner organisations developing and teaching these modules are:

The Project Aims are:

  • To enhance inclusive education in botanic gardens through practitioner training.
  • To develop innovative blended-learning models for training botanic gardens on public engagement.
  • To enhance botanic garden professionals’ access to continued vocational education and training through embedding training in the digital era.
  • To improve services through training in new areas of work for botanic gardens.
  • To support the development of transnational standards for evaluating informal education.
  • To increase botanic gardens’ capacity for showcasing the value of plants and plant science to society.

The blended learning modules (a mixture of online and on-site learning) will enhance engagement of participant organisations’ audiences and support the vital educational role of botanic gardens and museums. LearnToEngage is funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme and provides an interactive, collaborative experience with both online and on-site provision.

Having fun in the RBGE Community Garden ©RBGE

The four modules are:
• Interpretation
• Working with Diverse Audiences
• Science Communication
• Research and Evaluation

Closing date for the first 2 modules is 30th June 2017

More information/To Apply go to the:  LearnToEngage Website

Download / Print Leaflet: Erasmus leaflet_FINAL



More information also available from Jane Robertson, Gavin Downey or Cath Ashby (Education department, RBGE)

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme  of the European Union

With the support of the
Erasmus+ programme
of the European Union