Welcome to the Edible Gardening Project blog. As well as finding lots of great information and advice to help you start your very own edible garden, you’ll be able to follow the progress of the project and find out what our brilliant volunteers are up to.

We are here to simplify the mysterious world of horticulture and throw light on the vagaries of gardening jargon. We want to help you to get growing, be it on your window sill, on your front step, in your garden or down on the allotment, so watch this space to find out more.

The first six months of the Edible Gardening Project has been a whirlwind affair. There have been ups (our very own gorgeous polytunnel) and downs (the badgers munching every last carrot….ok, so even the downs are pretty great). All in all we’ve learnt lots, worked hard, had fun and of course dined on fresh salad, potatoes, kale and courgettes to name but a few.

This week the RGBE’s second year horticulture students have been busily planning, designing and preparing brand new beds ready for spring. They have been working away in the cold December chill and have made excellent progress. We can hardly contain our excitement at all the wonderful space we will have to grow all kinds of vegetables. The new area will be brimming with all sorts of edible plants and tended by volunteers and school groups.

For details of upcoming events check here.