Narcissus ‘February Gold’ at the East Gate

In early spring, even the smallest bloom is a cause for celebration. Narcissus also known as Daffodils are always the first to arrive in our gardens and what a welcome treat after a long winter!

The Gardens might be closed but Spring isn’t cancelled!

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and our three Regional Gardens, Benmore, Dawyck and Logan, are temporarily closed in response to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The closure of the Gardens has adapted the way we work and operate. Only a small number of frontline horticulture staff are on site to tend to our world-leading collection of plants. As guardians of Scotland’s National Botanic Collection, they are doing an exceptional job under difficult and challenging circumstances.

Narcissus cyclamineus in the Rock Garden
Narcissus cyclamineus in the Rock Garden

As many of our visitors will be unable to visit the garden here are some of the bright cheerful spring Daffodils that are flowering on mass at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Each Autumn in October our horticultural team, students and volunteers plant hundreds of Daffodil bulbs to bring spring interest to our visitors. 

Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp. pseudonarcissus in the Rock Garden

Daffodils are a diverse group with immense appeal. You can find varieties that are miniature, fragrant, ruffled, double bloomed and multicoloured. They are hardy, easy to grow and come up year after year. The best attribute about growing these bulbs is they arrive in early Spring long before the rest of the garden fully wakes up.  Some cultivars can flower as early as January, while others flower in late-March to April. By choosing carefully you can have daffodils flowering continually in your garden for up to three to four months.

Narcissus cultivars from the Biodiversity Garden
The tiny alpine Narcissus calcicola in the Rock Garden
The cheerful Narcissus ‘Jet Fire’ at the East Gate.

Even though the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is temporarily closed, our plants are still growing. See what’s in full bloom… and enjoy the beauty of our gardens from your home through Virtual Spring and through our social media channels. This is a digital journey into spring with us. This way you can stay connected until we can once again be together in our gardens. 

Narcissus at Inverleith House