To mark World Nature Conservation Day, RBGE is joining the Scottish Government’s #LetsDoNetZero campaign to highlight the importance of protecting our planet and tackling climate change.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to conserve nature and take positive action at home.

Rainwater harvesting

Using water conservatively might seem like an odd concept in Scotland but we do have water shortages, and the rain doesn’t always fall where it’s needed. Plants need the most water in hot, dry and windy weather, which is usually when water companies are least able to meet demand. Transportation is costly, both economically and environmentally.

We reduce the treated water we use in the Demonstration Garden by collecting rainwater, something you can easily achieve at home by installing a water butt.

Water butt in the Edible Garden

Plant hedges instead of fences

Unlike fences, hedges provide benefits for us and the wildlife that lives in our gardens (no matter their size). They have the natural ability to capture pollution, reduce noise, mitigate flooding and provide food and shelter to wildlife.

Wildflower meadows

As the effects of climate change become more and more prevalent, creating new habitats for our wildlife is vital.

Meadows provide a rich nectar source and important home for pollinators, they help prevent flooding and even store carbon. They’re a perfect, low maintenance addition to any garden.


Composting is an easy, natural process that transforms kitchen and garden waste into nutrient rich food for your garden. Not only will it reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, but it saves money, saves resources and reduces impact on the environment.

Here’s a look at our composting areas at the Botanics.

Make the most of your recycling

Our Community Engagement team are passionate about looking after the environment and always look for new ways to reuse waste. Why not find out how to make gardening tools from your recycling, giving your household waste an extra bit of life.

Elinor shows us how it’s done:

Find out more about #LetsDoNetZero at: