dome 3The Garden has teamed up with Sky Rainforest Rescue and WWF to bring a rainforest experience in a dome! The dome started construction on Tuesday (13/08) and was officially finished on the Saturday (17/08) and surprisingly it was a quick build! From the outside the dome is a bizarre looking contraption as it sits in the Garden outside the Glasshouses and while photographing the dome passer-by’s were inspecting it intently wondering what it is.

For those who do enter the interior represents the atmosphere of the Amazon with green surroundings, plants and sounds of the rainforest. Lining the walls bright Make a pledge to the rainforestand colourful panels explain the importance of the rainforest and the threats that it is facing.

As well as the dome being informative it is very interactive and has an area for children to make a pledge to the rainforest by drawing a picture in the Rainforest Rescue heart. The dome also has a multimedia area where films of celebrities Ross Kemp and Lily Cole are played, detailing their time and work carried out in the rainforest. Another feature is a rubber tapping area where people can find out more about this process. The dome is here for three weeks and is a fun way for visitors to gain an understanding of the rainforest and its importance to us.

dome 2As one of the boards says, “if you think of the size of a football pitch and multiply that by three that is how much rainforest is being lost every minute of every day.” Finding out what we can do to help, might just save it. So, come along and have a look it’s here until the 8th September. Its Free!