The extended cold has taken a toll on clay pots. These pots are absorbent and susceptible to freezing and thawing temperatures. Dependant on the kiln temperatures when fired pots may be frost resistant or frost proof. Even those that are frost proof will, over the years, flake and gradually disintegrate; the rims being the vulnerable area. However this presents a good opportunity for a repotting exercise and division of stock to increase the number of plants in your collection.

Primula marginata thrive as pot grown specimens throwing out flowers from the rosette of foliage. Those botanising in the European Alps will see it growing on limestone ledges and slopes in the 800 – 3000 metre range. As the plant ages it appears to sit on a trunk that elevates the rosette of farina covered foliage.

The cultivar Primula marginata ‘Inshriach Form’ is highly regarded raised in the Highlands, with good flower colour and first class foliage form.

Frosted clay pot. Photo by Tony Garn

Frosted clay pot

Primula marginata 'Inshriach Form' . Photo by tony Garn

Primula marginata ‘Inshriach Form’

Primula marginata foreground P. marginata 'Inshriach Form' background. Photo by Tony Garn

Primula marginata foreground P. marginata ‘Inshriach Form’ background