Delosperma lavisiae. Photo by Tony Garn

Delosperma lavisiae

The pink daisy like flowers of Delosperma lavisiae appreciates good levels of natural light. Sunlight is essential to persuade the buds to open revealing the ring of narrow linear petals. The plant hugs the ground, rarely growing more than 20mm in height. The root system delves down through, ideally, a raised growing area where rapid drainage is guaranteed. On a sunny day a group of these succulents bring a garden to life with their radiant colour. The sun and heat of the Drakensberg escarpment in SE Africa is the natural habitat of this drought tolerant spreading succulent.

The Garden remains open today until 10.30pm to allow visitors to take advantage of the longest day. Hopefully it will be a fine one. If you visit, the Delosperma can be seen on the Alpine wall and in the stone trough beside the Palm House.