Narcissus minor. Photo by Tony Garn

Narcissus minor

Narcissus minor; one of the compact members of the genus is always a reliable species to flower. Preferring an open position in full sun it is flowering in the rock garden. A native of the Pyrenees; ranging through Northern Spain.

The mass flowering of Forsythia can be seen in the south west corner of the garden where a selection of cultivars and species are represented. The attached image shows Forsythia. x intermedia ‘Karl Sax’ a cultivar bred for its larger flowers. Originating at the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, USA. It was the result of genetic crosses made by Professor Karl Sax, the Director during the 1940’s.

Forsythia x. intermedia 'Karl Sax'. Photo by Tony Garn

Forsythia x. intermedia ‘Karl Sax’

Both of these plants herald spring; interesting to note that I wrote about Forsythia as a seasonal plant of interest on the 10th March 2008. Another pointer to our late spring is the date of the first cut. This year we commenced grass cutting on the 1st April. During the 23 years that I have collated this information this is the latest date we have taken the mowers from the shed.