The autumn colours are setting in through the deciduous canopy.

Two named in honour of Philipp Franz von Siebold, 1796 – 1866 who contributed greatly to the collection at Leiden Botanic Garden, are worthy of note.

Magnolia sieboldii ssp sinensis has produced bright waxy red seed pods. The leaves will turn golden yellow as the season progresses. Named as the national flower of North Korea, it grows through Korea and the south of Japan.

The foliage of Acer sieboldianum, a native to Japan, colours many shades of red and has the typical winged seeds of this genus. Closely related to A. japonica it is a spreading small tree with a delicate framework of brittle branches.

Magnolia sieboldii ssp  sinensis. Photo by Tony Garn

Magnolia sieboldii ssp sinensis

Acer sieboldianum. Photo by Tony Garn

Acer sieboldianum