Acer pseudoplatanus. Photo by Tony Garn

Acer pseudoplatanus

With the snow still blanketing the land this is an ideal time to appreciate the silhouette of deciduous trees. At maturity the grandeur of forest trees dominates the landscape. This is a good time to remember succession planting. Within a garden or landscape, age diversity is important to maintain the tree canopy cover. Tree planting to preserve and manage this status should continue through generations each one benefitting from the thought and dedication of the one that went before. A range of species of many ages will moderate the climate within the Garden, filtering wind speed and providing shelter. Still struggling to think of a Christmas present? A tree may be the solution; help to plant it will be even more graciously accepted.

The images show mature Field Elm; Ulmus minor, Sycamore; Acer pseudoplatanus, Beech; Fagus sylvatica. Each with their own distinctive silhouette. Bark character differs in each; smooth and silvery in Fagus, deeply fissured in Ulmus and plated in Acer.