Category: 👪 Benmore Children’s Trail

A Children’s trail around Benmore Botanic Garden

Story: Tom Tit Tot

As you look at the dwarf Rhododendrons, listens as Tony Banning tells the tale of Tom Tit Tot.

School Visit Memories

Join Lewis, who attends a local school and Alan Bennell as they talk about school trips to Benmore.

Story: Clootie Tree

Listen to Tony Banning’s thoughts on the handkerchief or Clootie tree.

Story: the Dragon and the Monkey

Listen to Tony Banning’s tale of a Dragon and a Monkey whilst admiring the magnificent, spiky Monkey Puzzle tree.

Puzzled Monkey

Join Lewis, who attends a local school and Alan Bennell for a kids-eye view of Monkey Puzzle’s and the animals that can be found in the garden.

Story: A Firry Tale

Join Tony Banning for a tale of why Firs keep their needles in the winter.

Story: A Giants Tale

Listen to Tony Banning’s tales of giants as you wonder through the avenue of Giant Redwoods.

Around a Redwood

Join local school child Lewis and Alan Bennell as they explore the Giant Redwoods of the avenue.

Benmore Children’s Trail

As you walk through the garden, listen to stories inspired by the plants around you and learn more about some of the fascinating plants held in the collection.