Category: Florilegium

Photographs of plants included in the RBGE Florilegium Plant List

Aechmea fasciata specimen label

Aechmea fasciata

RBGE Accession number:19982583 Living plants of this accession Aechmea fasciata (Lindl.) Baker 19982583B G11 Rainforest Riches Aechmea fasciata is a species of flowering plant in the bromeliad family, native…

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Drimia maritima

Drimia maritima (L.) Stearn RBGE Accession number:19771097 Living plants of this accession 19771097A G20 Temperate Lands Collected in: Spain: Canary Is Collection number: 5602 Collected by: Long, David G….

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Agave vilmoriniana

Agave vilmoriniana Berger RBGE Accession number:20030287 Living plants of this accession 20030287A G04 Arid Lands Agave vilmoriniana, popularly known as Octopus agave, is a species of agave endemic to Mexico. It is known for…

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Hedychium thyrsiforme

Pincushion Ginger- Broad jungle like foliage with a dramatic inflorescence with white spidery flowers.  BGE Accession number:19825041 Hedychium thyrsiforme Sm. Living plants of this accession 19825041B G52 Lowland Tropics…

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Musa laterita

RBGE Accession number:19973654 Musa laterita Cheesem Collected by: Smith, Paul S. 19973654A G25 Plants & People Living plants of this accession Musa laterita is an Asian tropical ornamental species…