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Orchids and Cycads House

Here you will find plants from the opposite ends of the evolutionary scale. At the one end we have the primitive cycads, whilst at the other are orchids, some of the most sophisticated groups of plants.

Growing Connections: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland.

The sharing of plants between botanic gardens has long been an essential tool in the cultivation and display of the world’s rare and threatened flora. The plants generously…

Postcards from the Biomes: Using air layering as a propagation method.

Read Marc Gilbert’s full article on air layer propagation here. Discover more from our other articles and journals here.

Stories from the Biomes: My Experience with the Biomes Decant, by Horticulturist Szymon Drozdek

It all started with one houseplant. That one plant, a Crassula ovata (money plant), led me to having one of the healthiest obsessions human beings can possibly have;…

Encephalartos lebomboensis

Threatened plants of the world Red List status: ENDANGERED Take a look at the odd plant with a scaly trunk and a crown full of stiff fronds. Is…

Cycas pectinata

25. Cycas pectinata Buchanan-Hamilton CYCADACEAE This species is a native of North-East India and mainland South-East Asia, where it occurs on subtropical hill slopes at altitudes of up to…

The Story of the Screw Pine

Tony Bonning tells the story of the screw pine or pandanus.