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Tropical Palm House

This is the oldest of the glasshouses, built in 1834, at the time it was largest of its kind in Britain.

Stories from the Biomes: My Experience with the Biomes Decant, by Horticulturist Szymon Drozdek

It all started with one houseplant. That one plant, a Crassula ovata (money plant), led me to having one of the healthiest obsessions human beings can possibly have;…

Stories from the Biomes: A Year in Photos

A lot can happen in a year, especially where the Biomes Project is concerned. Looking back at 2022, it is impossible to include everything that has been achieved, but here is a selection of highlights of the work undertaken by the Horticulture team and colleagues.

Stories from the Biomes: Palm House Propagation

During summer 2021 the first phase of the Biomes Project began and the Glasshouse staff were tasked with the mammoth undertaking of removing all plants from the Palm…

Lodoicea maldivica

Threatened plants of the world Red List status: ENDANGERED Far off the coast of east Africa the Seychelles are tiny specks of green in the vast Indian Ocean….

Calamus flagellum

26. Calamus flagellum Griffith PALMAE This is one of the native Indian species of rattan (climbing palms), occurring in subtropical parts of the East Himalaya, North-East India and Bangladesh,…

Crinum asiaticum

27. Crinum asiaticum L. AMARYLLIDACEAE Hindi: Nagadamani, नागदामिनी This large, bulbous herb is widely cultivated in the tropics, and as a hothouse plant in temperate regions. It is native…

Molineria capitulata

28. Molineria capitulata (Loureiro) Herbert HYPOXIDACEAE A herbaceous plant of the shady floor of subtropical and tropical forests in South and South-East Asia. In India it occurs in West…

Bambusa vulgaris

29. Bambusa vulgaris Schrader ex Wendland GRAMINEAE Hindi: bans, बांस A tree-sized species of bamboo, widely cultivated in the tropics, but probably native to South and South-East Asia including…

The Story of the Caged Tiger

Tony Bonning tells a story about another use for Bamboo – for a cage.