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Professor Euan James, James Hutton Institute

Exploiting plant symbioses is the key to sustainable agriculture. Euan James is a plant and microbial scientist specialising in root-nodulating symbiotic interactions between (mainly) legumes and soil bacteria…

Professor Davy McCracken, Scotland’s Rural College

Exploring interactions between farming and biodiversity. Professor Davy McCracken is an agricultural ecologist who has spent over 30 years studying farming and biodiversity interactions and advising on agriculture…

Hints and tips for Fair festivities

Here in the Community Engagement Team at the Botanics, we’re always interested in living well, eating well, connecting with the natural world, practicing sustainability and reusing, reducing and recycling. You’ll see this in all of our activities, whether it’s the Edible Gardening Project or our fantastic programme at the Botanic Cottage. That’s why each year we take part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.