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Too late to hoe

As herbaceous foliage dies back those weeds that were missed when cultivating through the border during the summer months reveal themselves. With mild temperatures any annuals left to…

Claytonia perfoliata, Winter Purslane. Photo by Tony Garn

Seedling growth

Temperatures reaching double figures have been a daily occurrence this month and so too through December. Even the overnight minimum does not often drop below zero. Apart from…

Sedum roof on John Hope gateway. Photo by Tony Garn

View from the roof

The John Hope Gateway visitor centre has a flat roof. To compensate for the developed footprint of the building a section has been planted as a green roof….

Senecio scandens

A scandent scrambler with rocket like leaves

Provide this sub shrubby woody composite with a supporting crutch and it will thrive. A native to south and East Asia; Senecio scandens is looking colourful at this…