Feb 102015

A fantastic new project is taking place within Edinburgh City – the Edinburgh Living Landscape

The Edinburgh Living Landscape (ELL) is a groundbreaking initiative which brings together the collective expertise of the City of Edinburgh Council, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace TrustGREENSURGE and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE).  Through working in partnership across the city, the Edinburgh Living Landscape intiative aims to create, restore and connect green spaces within the city, bringing about dynamic and transformational change to the urban environment to benefit both biodiversity and residents and visitors to the city.

The Edinburgh Living Landscape scheme launched here at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and was attended by the Minister for Local Government and Planning, Derek Mackay MSP.

Click here for further information on the Edinburgh Living Landscape (ELL) initiative.

Keep an eye out for further information as there will be various projects happening through and with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh as part of it’s commitment to the Edinburgh Living Landscape initiative, information on which will be fed through to this blog in the following months…

Check out the latest news, events and updates on our ELL Facebook page.


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