Garden Wildlife

Apr 062017
March 2017 Garden Wildlife Report

March 2017 was mostly cool, sometimes distinctly chilly, and some light snow fell in the third week. Towards the end of the month, however, there was an abrupt change to very mild, even warm, spring-like weather with glorious sunshine. What rain fell was mostly at night or concentrated in short spells. Strong winds closed the […]

Mar 072017
February 2017 Garden Wildlife Report

February 2017 swung between chilly spells and periods of much milder weather, although stormy periods were few, except at the month’s end when Storms Doris and Ewan crossed the country. Both had little effect in Edinburgh, however.  The Garden’s wildlife list now stands at 864, an increase of three; two were new records during the […]

Jan 192017
Idiocerus herrichi, another new leafhopper record for Scotland (as well as the Garden)

Yesterday (18 January 2017), just at the end of my daily lunchtime wildlife recording walk round the Garden, I checked the bark of a particular birch tree (Betula pubescens var. glabrata) just north of the Pond, as I often do. It being mid-January, and chillier than the previous couple of days (when lots of Honey […]

Jan 182017
December 2016 Garden Wildlife Report

December 2016 swung between cold and mild, with some hard frosts near the beginning and an exceptionally mild Christmas Day. It was again fairly dry for the most part although there were squally conditions just before Christmas and again between Christmas and New Year. Two records were added to the Garden’s wildlife list, taking it […]