Garden Wildlife

Jan 192017
Idiocerus herrichi, another new leafhopper record for Scotland (as well as the Garden)

Yesterday (18 January 2017), just at the end of my daily lunchtime wildlife recording walk round the Garden, I checked the bark of a particular birch tree (Betula pubescens var. glabrata) just north of the Pond, as I often do. It being mid-January, and chillier than the previous couple of days (when lots of Honey […]

Sep 122016
August 2016 Garden Wildlife Report

August 2016 was fairly dry, sunny and reasonably warm. The Garden’s wildlife list increased by no fewer than 21 species, from 826 to 847. Birds Like July, bird recording in the Botanics was difficult in August because so many of the smaller species were silent and in hiding after the breeding season. Only thirty species […]

Sep 122016
Garden's first Caddisfly record

During a moth trapping session on the night of 29/30 August, various other creatures were found in the trap besides moths. They included a Common Earwig, two different species of daddy-long-legs or crane-fly, and an adult caddis-fly. The latter was the first time an adult caddis-fly had been recorded in the Garden although it has […]