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Join the artist of the Sea Flora exhibition, Sara Dodd and RBGE Plant Specimen Preparer, Kate Eden, for a conversation exploring the rich history of seaweed collecting in Scotland and abroad. Becoming a popular pastime at the beginning of the nineteenth century, seaweed collecting has been largely forgotten since enthusiastic Victorians painstakingly collected, dried and mounted specimens into decorative scrapbooks. Referencing examples from the RBGE collections, the talk will look at recent work with seaweed specimens undertaken at the RBGE, as well as significant personal collections, including those of Amelia Griffiths, Anna Atkins and Margaret Gatty.

3pm, Friday 13 June, Patrick Geddes Room, John Hope Gateway, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Sara Dodd: Sea Flora is open daily until Sunday 15 June.  10am – 5.45pm | Admission free.
Tel: 0131 248 2909

Image taken from originals held in the collections of the RBGE Library and Archives.