British Art Show 8 has now been open for a whole month at Inverleith House, along with our partner venues Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern One).

Recently we had a visit from Welsh artist, Bedwyr Williams, who is exhibiting his new film, Century Egg, at Inverleith House.

In Century Egg (2015) Williams explores the ways in which museums offer a combination of ‘the extraordinary and the completely banal’. Objects and artefacts found in Cambridge museums are the starting point for the artist’s loosely-linked narratives and animated flights of fancy. The title refers to a Chinese delicacy: a boiled egg covered in ash and left for a number of weeks, or months, until its value (and appearance) is completely transformed.

Bedwyr Williams has exhibited in solo shows at Whitworth, Manchester (2015), g39, Cardiff (2015), Tramway, Glasgow International Festival(2014) and represented Wales at the 55th Venice Biennale (2013).

British Art Show 8 runs until the 8th May in Edinburgh before travelling to Norwich and Southampton.