BotanicsBunnyHappy Easter everyone! Just to let you know it’s still pretty quiet with the sparrowhawks although I have seen some dotting about so hopefully nesting will be underway shortly.

In the meantime you may be interested in the trail we have running in the garden for Easter, “The Botanics Bunny and the Hunt for the Golden Egg”. Along the trail are several large eggs, but are they the Golden Egg? Oh no they’re not (sorry not panto season yet)! However they are eggs that are laid by birds which have their home in the garden and so this trail also lets you learn a bit more about the biodiversity we have here. Sparrowhawks included!

On completion of the trail a treat awaits but personally I think the real treat is the chance of seeing some real life egg-layers in the garden. And the next installment will hopefully have some further news about some progress in this area with the Sparrowhawks. Happy hunting!

P.S. As it’s Easter Day we also have a drop in event in the Real Life Science Studio with hands-on craft activities like painting eggs so they’re plenty going on if you happen to be coming down today!

More details here.