SG Access securing safety ropes (photo: SG Access)

You may have noticed that the Front Range of the glasshouses has been closed to the public at odd times over the last few weeks.

While the spectacle of the team from SG Access hanging from the external supports has been something of a compensation for not being able to see the plants you may have been wondering what they are doing and when it will all be over.

Here is an interview I did with a Fiona Inches from the Botanics and Marc Fallis from SG Access explaining what is going on.


Work began in late summer and will continue till Christmas (photo: SG Access)

A few brackets were discovered to be loose. (photo: SB Access)

During the original manufacture they were galvanised after assembly and have rusted internally so should all be replaced as a precaution.

New ones have a synthetic spacer so will not rust.

Replacing is a tricky job as the joints are drilled from above and below. (photo: SB Access)

New brackets are stacked in the yard for fitting.

Old brackets are sent for recycling along with worn glazing bars.

Work should be completed by Christmas with public access to collections returning to normal in 2018