The IPM Essen in Germany is the largest horticultural exhibition in the world. This year 1577 exhibitors from 45 nations around the world came to show off a huge variety of plants over four days from January 23 to 27. There were 57,000 visitors.

Due to its overwhelming popularity two other IPM’s are now established in Shanghai and Dubia. It truly is the mecca of the nursery world.

I personally cannot describe how important it is for a person interested in horticulture – specifically nursery production – to attend this event. I have worked in Germany for one of the best growers in the world called zu Jeddeloh which is how I got my invitation. However, this is not a requirement as it is open to everyone. This is just one of the internationally renowned companies that are present. I spoke with a company from Guatemala that ship house plants to Europe, Costa Rica fruit growers, Micro propagation in Canada for Peonies and many more. This is a wonderful opportunity to see a global view of the nursery industry in a just a day.

Connor Smith,  RBGE Student, Iseli nursery (USA), zu Jeddeloh (Germany)