It has been an exciting week for the Edible Gardening Project with the publication of our book, Growing your own vegetables. We are very pleased with the finished article. It has lots of great images and tables to help make the mysteries of growing your own food a bit clearer. The book is a great place for beginners to find out how to get started in the vegetable garden. Copies are available from our shop at the Botanics or at our online store.

Container gardening

Growing your own veg is all well and good, but what if you don’t have much in the way of a garden? There are all sorts of crops that will cope in a pot or container, outside on a front step or on a windowsill.

We took delivery of three big containers this week for our decking area outside the restaurant. We have planted them up with herbs, quick-growing salads and even kale. The Gateway Restaurant chefs now have a fresh supply of goodies even closer to the kitchen.

Of course, these are huge and won’t suit all gardens but the photo below shows tomatoes (tumbling tom), strawberries and garlic all growing happily in pots. You can also try peas, mange tout, salad, potatoes…. the list goes on and on. The main things to remember are to; pick a reasonably large pot, make sure there are good drainage holes in the base and water and feed regularly . Click here to download our crops in pots advice sheet.