Jasminum nudiflorum; the ideal plant to appreciate from the warmth of your home and a pleasure to encounter when garden visiting at this dreich time of year. The “Winter Jasmine” is hardy, adaptable to all soils and aspects, reliable to flower, easily propagated, living well with neglect or reacting vigorously to seasonal pruning.  This is one plant that deserves a place in every garden. Native to Northern China it has been cultivated in Britain since 1844. The stem is square in cross section with a pithy centre. It remains green for two years and then turns light brown with age. The scandent growth is barely self-supporting, appreciating a wall where young shoots can be tied in. If grown in the open try it over an arch of chicken wire. This simple frame will support the early years’ growth and soon become hidden by the arching stems. Deciduous in winter, the fresh yellow flowers are produced from well-spaced opposite buds. The corolla is tubular at the base, dividing into six flattened petals giving a good spread of colour. The stigma is prominent to the anthers. When frosted the colour drains to leave the petals translucent. Unfurled buds are not affected. Specimens can be seen tucked away in the west border and behind the scenes in the alpine yard.