It’s all change in the edible garden. The final green tomatoes have been made into chutney. The sweetcorn is nearly ready we just need a little bit more sunshine to ripen them up. Most of the summer crops have been cleared and replaced with winter veg.

In the outdoor beds we have leeks, chard and a range of brassicas such as purple sprouting broccoli, kale, cabbages, Brussels sprouts and swedes. The brassicas are covered with a net to protect them from hungry wood pigeons.

We have planted lots of winter salads and oriental greens such a mibuna, mizuna, mustard leaf, winter purslane and winter cress in the polytunnel. These will provide nutritious green leaves throughout the darker months. It’s too late to sow any seed now but come down to the Botanics and be inspired about what you can grow next year.



The thing to plant now is garlic. Garlic is best planted from now up until Christmas (although it can also be planted in February and March). Buy bulbs from a garden centre for best results. Plant 5 cm deep, flat end down, 18 cm apart. Planted now, they will be ready to harvest in July next year.