By gardenpoets


I promise this is the last tale about bikes and cycling. Well, I’d probably better not promise but l will do my best to pedal away of the subject in the coming days.

At home in Hertfordshire, one-way signs and no-entry signs don’t apply to cyclists. Neither do red traffic lights when the junction is clear both ways. Therefore, last night, as I was cycling back to my accommodation from Benmore on The Moose (which is what I call the new bike), when I hit a red light in Dunoon I just jumped it.

But clearly red lights do apply to cyclists up here because car drivers leaned out of their windows and stared. Pedestrians stopped walking and stared likewise. Once I’d checked to make sure I hadn’t grown a second head I realised what I’d done.

So for the next two weeks I’ll be doing my best to remember to stop at red lights. Although, if I carry on doing that when I get back home I’ll draw an equal amount of stares.

Right, time for some poetry; ideally that doesn’t have a bicycle or a red traffic light in sight.

Here are two poems by a friend of mine, Tony Two Treats. Why is he called that? I hear you ask. Well, because one wedge of stilton or bowlful of trifle or tub of strawberry ice cream or wedge of walnut cake is never quite enough. A second treat is always required.

But from now on I decree he shall be known by a new name, Tony Two Poems.  

The tallest tree in the forest.
From here the green undulates for miles
From the incoming sea to the rising of the mountains
Short and tall, wide and strong all reaching for the sky
But I am the tallest and I watch over them all.

Don’t rush me….
Comfortable I bathe in the deep soil of the forest … planning.
I’m ready to reach out – Maybe soon.
If I move fast I can get it finished in a few years … maybe less than twenty
A new branch, time to reach out and grasp forever

both by Tony Two Poems

Sue Butler

Source: Walking With Poets