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Seed pods; bright yellow, tucked into the evergreen canopy of Euonymus wilsonii. Splitting apart into even segments revealing the red coated aril. A spectacular find at this time of year; just prior to bud burst and a new season commencing.

This woody shrub is found within forest scrub from 1000 – 2600 metres altitude on hillsides in western China.

Well worth growing here as a vigorous shrub with an open canopy reaching 3+ metres. Covered in shiny green leaves, simple in shape leading down to an elongated drip tip, edged with an uneven indent.

Euonymus wilsonii. Photo by Tony Garn

Euonymus wilsonii

Euonymus wilsonii. Photo by Tony Garn

Euonymus wilsonii

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  1. Bleddyn Wynn-Jones

    When shown a recent image of an Euonymus with yellowish fruit, I immediately thought of E. myrianthus, but an alternative was suggested of E. wilsonii, which I was not familiar with. On Googling the name your image appeared along with description. But I had previously checked Flora of China, where it clearly puts E. wilsonii in Euonymus sect. Echinococcus, stating ”Capsule red when fresh, yellow-brown or gray when dry, nearly globose, 1.5-2 cm in diam., 4-lobed, densely prickly, prickles 6-7 mm. ”

    Has FOC got it wrong?

    All the best