Of note in the Garden are two Sorbus species displaying berries worthy of attention. Both native to Sichuan Province, China but with a wider distribution through China and into Tibet. Both of these trees are young seed grown specimens eventually reaching five metres on a well drained organic soil.

Sorbus pseudovilmorinii has light pink fruit and will grow into a fine specimen for a small garden. The finely divided deciduous foliage falls allowing the berries to stand out in the winter landscape.

Sorbus aff. filipes in contrast, a slightly smaller tree at maturity. Its branches weighted down with the relatively large fruit trusses. Initially with a delicate pink shade these turn pure white as November passes.

Sorbus aff. filipes. Photo by Tony Garn

Sorbus aff. filipes

Sorbus pseudovilmorinii. Photo by Tony Garn

Sorbus pseudovilmorinii