Osmunda regalis 'Hillii'

Osmunda regalis ‘Hillii’

Osmunda regalis ‘Hillii’ is a cultivar of the deciduous species. As shoots sprout from the base the growing points elongate and unfurl at different rates. These shoots are covered in a brown woolly down. As growth lengthens from the pink base the shoot takes on a purple hue. The fronds on expanding will either be fertile or non fertile.

Loving waterlogged soils where these plants deep roots can establish in readiness for harvesting as Osmunda fibre coveted by orchid growers as a potting medium.

Mention has to be made of the Rhododendron and Magnolia collection. This year has been exceptional for flower colour. Ideal growing conditions during the previous two wet and overcast summers combined with minimal discolouration by frost damage this spring has resulted in plants awash with colour.

Rhododendron crinigerum var. crinigerum

Rhododendron crinigerum var. crinigerum

A prime example is Rhododendron crinigerum var. crinigerum, the one hundredth collection made by Joseph Rock. Discovered at the Salween – Irrawaddy Divide in the Yunnan Province China. The flowers are pink in bud then pure white on maturing.