Akebia trifoliata a deciduous woody climber native to China and Japan. Found growing in full sun in moist heavy loam in a valley bottom of the Kamagone River at 655 metres. Climbing to 2 metres through Sasa sp., Euonymus sp., Viburnum opulus and Ulmus davidiana.

The flowers are of botanical interest rather than aesthetic beauty. The racemes hang down from the leaf axils, composed of separate male and female flowers on the same raceme.

The wine red female flowers are largest and individually made up of 3 sepals containing the stigma and styles, hanging beneath these are the smaller male flowers. The smaller sepals reflex back to show the black anthers which open to release white pollen.

At this stage the trifoliate leaves are developing with an indented notch at the tip. There are three interesting lobes on the leaf edges. Growing on the west facing wall on the East side of the garden, twining anticlockwise to a height of six metres.

Akebia trifoliata

Akebia trifoliata

Akebia trifoliata - new growth

Akebia trifoliata – new growth