• Rhododendron luteum

    Rhododendron luteum

    Rhododendron ‘Loderi’ and Rhododendron ‘Loderi King George’: A 1926 introduced hybrid between R. fortunei x griffithianum. These are both from the Leonardslee crosses of the early 1900’s by Sir Edmund Loder. Huge plants that dominate this area of the upper woodland garden just now, pink in bud, opening pure white and scented

  • Rhododendron ‘Roza Stevenson’: Dark yellow in bud opening a lighter shade. On the corner of a bed so strikingly visible from the road
  • Rhododendron luteum: two beds of the fragrant yellow flowered species on the junction of the Azalea lawn at the front range.

And a follow up on the Paeonia species.

  • Paeonia mlokosewitschii Soon to feature in a Della Purvis pastel. Better in bud than fully open, spring yellow petals. Central Caucasus