An ornamental apple

From Central Asia and the Himalayas Malus pumila is a diverse species; the domestic or sweet apple as it is known or paradise apple in France. Full of weak growth it has a spread of 5 metres and as tall. The bark is grey, splitting and plating away. The fruit are a golden yellow; not too plentiful.

Malus pumila ‘Dartmouth’ is an American cultivar producing larger fruit than the species and red tinted. The fruit is ideal for crab apple jelly. Stronger growing than M. pumila, and much more prolific in fruit production. In the spring both also producing a crop of white flowers.

Malus pumila

Malus pumila

Malus pumila 'Dartmouth'

Malus pumila ‘Dartmouth’

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  1. Very good plant. Trees with this size give a special touch to the landscape.