Celastrus orbiculatus, again from Japan, but found throughout N.E.Asia. This climbing deciduous member of the family Celastraceae can be seen twisting around the external glasshouse support frame, providing the south facing aspect of the Front Range with a natural shading material.

In full autumn yellow it has found the ideal situation to develop.

The plant is sparsely furnished with small light orange fruit within which is a bright orange mesocarp layer protecting the seed. Thought to be dioecious there are hermaphrodite plants in cultivation.

The Edinburgh Japan Expedition of 2003 found it growing in secondary deciduous woodland on the forest margin at 80metres. It was reaching 5 metres in height. Here it has far exceeded that and continues to romp up the framework. There are young plants in the nursery of Celastrus orbiculatus var. strigulosus showing the same promise of autumn colour.

Celastrus orbiculatus - fruit

Celastrus orbiculatus – fruit

Celastrus orbiculatus

Celastrus orbiculatus