The Indian Pokeweed

Phytolacca acinosa has thick, almost succulent stems. It grows strongly to 1.8 metres with lanceolate leaves. A mass of growth that wilts to mush when the frost arrives.

Until then appreciate the church candle like fruiting spikes. These vary from golf ball size to 3000mm spikes and are composed of red to ripened black fruits, bursting with a red staining juice. The individual berry encloses a small black seed.

Our plant was collected as seed in the Himachal Pradesh India in 1985. Found growing at 2400m among rocks in a clearing of Rhododendron and Pinus forest.

Phytolacca acinosa

Phytolacca acinosa

Phytolacca acinosa

Phytolacca acinosa

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  1. Richard morris

    I have one of these plants growing in my garden.

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